Vassar Indoor Dining

In order to participate in indoor dining you must have a reservation.

To reserve a SEAT at Gordon Commons, simply go to Vassar Mobile and tap dining, make a reservation. If you don’t have the mobile app, to download the Vassar Mobile app, click here for iOS and Android, you can download it here for iOS and Android. If you are unable to use your mobile phone, you can visit from any browser. You will not be required to login to make a reservation.

The success of indoor dining relies heavily on the continuation of following the standards that are in place campus-wide:

  • Maintain Safe Six
  • Please do not remove your mask until you are seated and ready to eat. If you get up for any reason, please remember to wear your mask.
  • The first, second, and third floor seating is placed appropriately. Please do not move the chairs or tables.
  • For indoor dining on the first floor, please only sit in a chair that has a blue marker on the side of the table.  The booths are available for POD seating and/or are restricted to two people per booth. Please do not move the chairs and please leave them by the blue marker.
  • PODS may be asked to identify themselves by the dining staff by using the CoVerified App.
  • Plates and flatware are available at each food platform for indoor dining to reduce landfill waste for those participating.
  • Restrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are designated for only 1 person at a time.
  • The elevator going to the 2nd  and 3rd floors only allows one person at a time if you need to use it.
  •  Leave the space clean and sanitized for the next person. There are additional waste receptacles and stations with sanitizing wipes for your use.
  • Please honor the 45 minute time frame so the next group of reservations can enjoy their meal in Gordon Commons.

We look forward to having indoor dining on all 3 floors as we safely move into this next phase.

Please remember: “We precedes Me.”