Navigating Campus Dining

COVID-19 has meant lots of changes for everyone around the world. We’ve modified dining service for your safety and are asking you to help in a few ways, too!


Masks are required to visit any café on campus. Please have yours on before entering a café.
To support social distancing policies, all menu items will be provided for takeout. In-café dining is not available at this time. Please follow directional signage as you enter and exit Gordon Commons, The Retreat, and The Bridge.
We ask that you follow social distancing recommendations when in the café. Floor decals and other communications are in place to help guide you and others.
To limit contact between you and our cashiers, we encourage contact-ess payment/ meal swipe in Gordon Commons, The Retreat, and The Bridge.In Gordon Commons, please swipe or tap your meal card yourself, peruse the menu, and then choose a line to stand in (6 feet apart, please!) – Grill, Global, Deli, Oasis, Home, Brick, or Kosher. Each line will have enough options, including side dishes, to make a complete meal.

What else can you expect when visiting the café?

    • Furnishings have been removed in some areas and rearranged in others to promote safe spacing in dining areas
    • We’ve added floor decals to take the guessing out of social distancing
    • We are enforcing handwashing and station disinfecting protocols every 30 minutes
    • All self-service stations have been eliminated…let us take care of it for you!
    • More sneeze guards have been added to keep you (and our staff) safe
    • Staff temperatures are taken at the beginning of each shift
    • All of our associates will be wearing face coverings
    • We’ve moved to disposable plates, bowls, and individually wrapped utensils
    • Utensils are offered to each guest individually
    • Hand-sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the café
    • Many menu items come individually packaged, and we’ve stocked additional grab & go items such as desserts, whole fruit, baked goods, etc.
    • Condiments are offered individually

Questions or concerns? We’re here for you.
Please email for assistance with Special Diets or Allergen questions.

Please direct all other questions to:

Steve Scardina, Resident District Manager

Teresa Quinn, Associate Dean of the College for Campus Activities or (845) 437-5374